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Buy tickets and join your co-alumni at the PSHS Fund Raising Dinner. 6pm, August 31, 2019. Grand Ballroom, Seda Hotel, Vertis North! Help the Foundation help your beloved alma mater continue to be the leading science high school in the Asia Pacific Region preparing our scholars to be globally competitive Filipino scientists equipped with 21st century skills and imbued with the core values of truth, excellence and service to be nation.” Join us as we pay tribute to Batch 69 on their 50th anniversary as PSHS alumni! Join us as we bestow the Batch Pins and the Dr. Cleofe M. Bacuñgan Fellow and Donor Pins to the donors of The PSHS Foundation Endowment Gift-Giving Project. Dinner and dancing follows.

Let's bring more projects to life!

Teaching/Research Grants

Grants to fund instructional materials development, teaching innovations, research and training.

Infrastructure Program Chair

Endowment Fund which funds infrastructure projects not otherwise funded by government allocation.

Art of Science

Art for Science is a fundraising endeavour of the Philippine Science High School Class of 1987 fo...